All players must accept and comply with the following rules

Server Rules
In order to make the game fun for everyone, the administration expects all players to behave in a friendly and reasonable way.
    Offensive behavior includes:
  1. Names
    • • a) Using character names to impersonate other players.
  2. Statements
    • • a) Advertising other servers or games.
    • • b) Selling characters/items for other servers/real money.
    • • c) Inciting to break server rules.
  3. Cheating
    • • a) Attempting account data theft ("hacking").
    • • b) Manipulating the client program for unfair advantage.
    • • c) Repeatedly killing for excessive rewards (may result in character reset).
    • • d) Playing more than 1 character, except for training purposes.
  4. Staff Members
    • • a) Impersonating staff or attempting to influence their decisions.
    • • b) Misleading staff or making false reports about rule violations.
  5. Destructive Behavior
    • • a) Harassment or ruining the game experience for other players.